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Who I am

My name is Lauren McKinney. I don’t think I’m cool enough for one of those fancy third person bios, and I feel kinda sheepish about writing my bio in general. I’ll do my best:

I was born and raised in Oklahoma. I am an only child. (I played a lot of Battleship against my teddy bear, Macky. I always won.) I had the very best childhood anyone could ask for. I rode my bike, went to summer camp, and marched in the band. I’m a true 90’s kid and will argue that Counting Crows, Oasis, Smashing Pumpkins and Third Eye Blind made some of the greatest music of all time.

Today, I am married to this fantastic dude named Eric (hi, handsome!) and we live in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. I like to spend time internetting, reading, and watching trash TV. Typically at the same time.

Sometimes, when Eric isn’t home, I put on a one piece swimsuit, do somersaults, and pretend to be Dominique Dawes. It’s pretty rad.

I am the real Slim Shady.

There. I hope that wasn’t too self indulgent, but what do you expect?  I’m a millennial.