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May 23, 2011 / Lauren

Brutal Taco Salad

The following is a time-honored family recipe, passed down to me from my father, Jerry A. West. I hope it brings your family as much joy as it brings my dad.

Dad’s Taco Salad (serves 2-3) Prep time: 10 minutes, Eat time: 10 seconds

1) Approach Taco Bueno via Drive-Thru. Order four (4) tacos. Pay. Drive home.

2) Remove napkins and salsa containers from bag. Tightly tie the bag closed. Check for any holes. If the bag is not completely airtight, you MUST abort your mission and eat the tacos as-is.

3) Once the bag is secured, beat the living crap out of it. Go on, let off some steam. Punch the tacos. Slap them in the face. Slam them against countertops. Carry on for two (2) minutes.

4) Open the bag. Remove paper taco wrappers and discard. Use fork to eat your finished taco salad straight out of the bag like the hero you are.

Pairing suggestion: Dr. Pepper and shame.


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  1. laurie / May 23 2011 8:05 pm

    Another recommended pairing suggestion: toxic gas!

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