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December 30, 2010 / Lauren

Personal highlights of 2010.

January | Staying up all night catching up with my ol’ friend Elyse. We hadn’t seen each other in ten years, and we just picked up right where we left off- isn’t it great when old friends can do that?  (New Orleans)

February | My pilgrimage to Shortcakes to claim my logo contest prize. I used my winnings to fund my trip to California in May. (Stillwater, OK)

March | Being doused with fake blood by GWAR (hilarious) while wearing socks on my hands (I left my gloves in Dallas), and of course The Hood Internet dance party party. SXSW was a blast and a half. (Austin)

April | I was sick for the entirety of this month. Probably as a result of attending the GWAR show mentioned above. It was outdoors and it was 20 degrees. (Behind a mountain of Kleenex, Dallas)

May | Driving Highway 1. I love to drive, and this was the greatest drive of my life- absolutely beautiful. (San Francisco to Los Angeles)

June | Wedding 1: Kelli and JD. Despite the transmission on my Nissan crapping out en route to the rehearsal and all the wedding flowers dying the day of the ceremony, we managed to pull together the bridesmaid emergency response team, recover gracefully, and ultimately have a really great time watching our friends tie the knot and celebrate good times c’mon. Bonus: because we had to go back to OKC the very next weekend to retrieve my car, we got to hang out with the lovely bride and groom even more, and I finally met Wayne Coyne, one of my top five personal heroes. (Oklahoma City)

July | Independence Day snocones and flea market shopping with my grandparents. (Marlow, OK)

August | Wedding 2: Kristen and Phil. This was the long anticipated wedding of Eric’s sister- it was really great to get to get to be a part of the ceremony, boogie down to the Cha Cha Slide, and welcome Phil to the family. (Wagoner, OK)

September | I don’t remember anything particularly notable about September. Maybe I got a haircut or an oil change or something. (Dallas)

October | Wedding 3: Katelyn and Grant. Katelyn is my fousin (fake cousin) and our families have always been close over the years (our parents all went to college together). I had the honor of designing her wedding invitations and programs, and Kate and I had lots of fun collaborating on them! Sixteen hours on the road was definitely worth it  to get to see these two get hitched. Another plus: we had zero cell phone reception/internet availability in Guymon, which actually made for a really refreshing, peaceful weekend. (Guymon, OK)

November | Everything about New York, and my dear friends Kate and Katie and Elliott. (New York)

December | Eric and I prepared a Christmas dinner together for friends and family; Midnight Mass; getting the Festivus pole out of the crawl space. (Dallas)


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