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September 27, 2010 / Lauren

The Tae-Bo Bowtie.

Meet my Aunt Mary and Uncle Phil:

"Hello, everyone."

I am showing you this photo because I believe that my Uncle Phil looks like a white, bespectacled version of Billy Blanks, world famous inventor of the Tae Bo fitness program.  See?

"Put down that cupcake or I'll punch you in the Fallopian tubes."

Twins.  Anyway, when I was a kid, my friend Brittney’s stepmom was really into the whole Tae Bo craze.  We used to follow along with the VHS tape (remember those?) at sleepovers all the time.  As with any cardio, the participants get sweaty.  Really sweaty.  Until now…

I am proud to introduce my latest hypothetical invention: the Tae Bo Bowtie!

"My Adam's apple is bone dry, just the way I like it."

No more pesky collar sweat!  No more immodest bare necks at the gym!  The Tae Bo Bowtie solves all your problems and leads the way to a happier, more fit lifestyle.

Don’t feel self conscious about your glistening clavicle any longer.  Order the Tae Bo Bowtie today.

"How is this thing staying up? It's obviously not tied around my neck. Lauren McKinney is a lazy-ass photoshopper."


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  1. Your Aunt T / Sep 28 2010 1:00 pm

    Awesome; truly awesome.

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